Last Minute Gifts for Father’s Day

16 Jun

waterfall-721273_960_720School’s out for summer.  Well, almost and Father’s Day is tomorrow!  Don’t panic.  There’s still time for Last minute father’s day gifts but why not consider something you really can’t wrap: a stay-cation!  Not only will you be spending a fabulous adventure with Dad that you can document as you go (#daddayselfie), you will be reminding yourself exactly why you have chosen to live in the land of the Polar Vortex.  As crazy as our winters can sometimes be in Upstate NY, this area is full of amazing adventures:

Wine Not Have a Blast

wineglass-553467_960_720You can not go wrong if Dad is a wine guy.  With the Finger Lakes at our doorstep, there is so much to choose from and great resources to help you plan.  So grab a bottle of wine, and tell Dad you’re taking him on a tour that can not only include wineries but many awesome museums, restaurants and breweries

Rock and Roll Dad

Perhaps the tour you had in mind, was catching the tour of a favorite band.   Santana?  Rolling Stones?  Brad Paisley? Josh Groban?  The options are endless when you consider Rochester, Buffalo,Syracuse and Saratoga as venues.  Buy the latest CD or greatest hits and let Dad know he’s going to see it live.  How about taking Dad to the Jazz Festival.?  You can get a club pass online!

Rock and Rollercoaster Dad

It turns out that we have one of the 9 most historic roller coasters in the world, right in our own backyard!  #jackrabbit.  And, honestly, you’re never too old to enjoy an amusement park, with or without kids.   If Dad is still the “raise your hands up high” guy, then there are plenty of parks to check out in Upstate NY.  Buy dad a neon shirt so you can find him in a crowd and let the games begin!

Fish Wish

fishing-at-sunset-209112_960_720The last weekend in June is actually Free Fishing Weekend in New, York.  Grab Dad and your pole and picnic basket, no need to worry about the license.  Where to go?  It depends on what you’re hungry for.  There are some beautiful spots in our area.   Wrap up some gummy worms and get ready for the big catch!

Dad on the Move:  Bike, Hike, Run

To boldly go where no man has gone before.  Okay, well the truth is, that some have gone before and they have left excellent recommendations as to where to go and what to see including national award winning Letchworth Park.  Whether you hike, bike, or run, it will be awesome to just spend time with dad and/or the whole family.  Add a twist and geocache too!  Buy Dad a pair of new socks and let him know that they are the first step to great adventure.

fatherday2You can get Dad a staycation for Father’s Day, but the beauty is that he can choose the adventure for any day! Watch the forecast, find a sunny day and have a fabulous time!  Want to live closer to dad?  We can help with that too.  Enjoy a great Father’s Day with those that matter most!