Spring Cleaning Fun

22 Apr

spraySpring is finally here!  And so is the need to tidy up the place a bit, both indoors and out so we’ll be ready for some fun in the sun.  Speaking of fun, there’s plenty of it to be had as you clean with your kids. #whoknew #scienceproject Enjoy this great guide to Spring Cleaning Fun.

Rachel Ray has a bunch of great tips, here are a few of our favorite:

1. Drain Cleaning Experiment

Get kids involved in a cool drain-clearing experiment: Dump 1/2 cup baking soda, then 1/2 cup white vinegar, down the drain and watch the eruption! Follow with a kettle of hot water.

2. Black Light in the Bathroom

Start with this icky but fun exercise: Screw a black lightbulb into a fixture and behold every speck of dirt, says James Lally, executive housekeeper at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Boston.

3. Window Washing

Put some cleaner in squirt guns and let them fire away.

Be sure to read the rest of the article for more tips!

App.com has added a couple of more cleaning activities which involve lemons (more on that in a future blog):

  • lemonsShine the silverware

Great rainy day project. Nix harsh chemical polishes and instead put some elbow grease — preferably your willing child’s — behind half a lemon. The scoop: Lemons are highly acidic, which enables them to cut through and loosen mineral deposits, making them easier to wipe away. For extra power, before scrubbing, dip the fruit half in salt — it will help exfoliate the surface for added shine. (Again, are we playing or spring cleaning? If you ask my kid, it’s a science project.)

Get the gunk out of the garbage disposal 

Lemon rinds ground in the disposal will deodorize your sink’s drain 1-2-3. Unlike vinegar, which leaves no scent, lemons provide a clean, crisp aroma. Just slice a lemon into chubby quarters, slip them into the sink’s disposal, turn on the hot water and flip the power switch. Yes, your kids will love to assist with this household chore, also known as “demolish the lemon.”

mortgage-295211_960_720Get the rest of the ideas on their web page.

When it comes down to it, there’s a science to cleaning and that’s what can make it fun.  There’s also a science, to understanding the value of the home you are cleaning and we can help with that too, contact us today!