Remedies for Spring Allergies are Nothing to Sneeze At!

17 Mar

woman-699001_960_720While  Spring is a welcome sight for many, for others it is received with mixed emotions.   Welcome Spring for some means Welcome Allergies. Aside from locking yourself in a room with closed windows  and central air and never leaving your home, what can you do?  We’ve got you covered with our Updated Spring Allergies Guide.

Allergies are coming early!

According to an article from, spring allergies may actually becoming early!  Be ready with these tips:

  1.  Look at the pollen count for your area.  Accuweather provides you with the numbers you need.  From Dr. Chong:  “We usually suggest to our patients as part of their management to look at pollen counts for their area. If you wait until you have a lot of symptoms, and wait to take your medications, then they’re not as effective.”
  2. Consider over the counter therapies like antihistamines, and eye drops.
  3. Be tested to see if immunotherapy is an option.

Having taken more over the counter medications for allergies than I can count, I am intrigued by the home remedies.

Try Home Remedies for Spring Allergies

As hard as you try to keep pollen out of your life, chances are you will still suffer symptoms. oultines some natural alternatives.  Here are three:

Green Tea

green tea

“Green tea appears to be a promising source for effective anti-allergenic agents,” said study leader Hirofumi Tachibana, an associate professor of chemistry at Kyushu University in Fukuoka, Japan. “If you have allergies, you should consider drinking it.”


Who knew? We didn’t either.  Here’s the scoop:  a Swiss study published in the British Medical Journal found that one tablet four times a day (32 mg total) of this European herb relieved hay fever symptoms as effectively as the drug cetirizine, the active component of Zyrtec, with none of the drowsiness. Another study compared butterbur to Allegra with similar results. (Caution: Do not combine a drug for allergy relief with butterbur — you may overdose.)


honey-823614_960_720How sweet is and it’s available in so many places. ( Check out the Fairport Farmer’s Market starting in May!)  Honey made from flowers and plants in your area may help “immunize” your body against pollen allergens. Consider adding one to three teaspoons of locally produced raw honey to your daily diet.


Read more: 7 Natural Ways to Treat Spring Allergies

Many make a plan to dodge and weave and avoid the allergens when they are at their highest level:

Use an App

iphone-410311_960_720There’s also a variety of Allergy Apps (of course there is) to choose from that can help you track on the go:

Allergy Alert  from

Allergycast by Zyrtec

WeatherBug Elite:  from the Pollen Journal

To save time and money, it’s always great to check in with your local pharmacist.   The Fairport Pharmacy is an awesome locally owned business that will give you the personal strategy you need in the allergy battle.  And, bonus, they have a gift shop filled with items from local artists!

Spring is finally here and that’s nothing to sneeze at!  If you would like to make a move to a low pollen area or any area for that matter, contact us today!