Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

12 Feb

latteHappy Valentine’s Day!  It’s tomorrow and we’ve updated our guide in case you’re flying by the see off your pants.  If you still don’t have a gift, going digital with your present will save the day!  So will making a surprise dinner at home (that you planned all along right??)  The gift really is the time you spend together on your culinary adventure and the latest and greatest recipes to experiment with involve pizza, even for dessert!

If you’ve set off the smoke alarm one too many times in your quest for the perfect dinner than make reservations immediately!  These 30 places are suggested by the D and C and one of them is bound to have table.  Keep in  mind that because Valentine’s Day is on Sunday, you can go out on Saturday night or Sunday brunch too!

In the spirit of all things Valentine, we thought we would share some of the local businesses that make Fairport Special:

Fairport Pharmacy and Gift Shop:

Customer service, including delivery, at it’s finest with a flair for featuring and celebrating local artists–and you know how much we love that!  If you don’t have that perfect gift yet, fear not because you can grab it here!  Learn even more about this great business!

Moonlight Creamery

It’s not just for breakfast anymore!  (How great was that event?)  So many flavors to choose from!  Mark your calendars for the great events coming up including “Savor Fairport”   If you love your town and you bring friends, no calories right?

We totally agree with their splurging philosophy: “At Moonlight Creamery, we believe when you splurge, it should be “worth it.” Pure, imaginative flavors inspired by the best the world and history has to offer. Natural ingredients thoughtfully sourced and prepared to exacting standards. An experience that creates both pleasure in the moment and pleasant memories for the future.”  

Perinton Pizza:

Photo by:
Photo by:

We agree that sometimes it just makes sense to leave the pizza to the experts and why stop at pizza when you can have salads, wings, wraps, subs and more!  (yes, it’s true, there is fried dough!)  See if they can make the pizza heart shaped!

What businesses do you love in Fairport?  We would love to know!  We also so want to make sure that you love where you live!  Contact us today and let’s make it happen!