Make a New Year’s Resolution and Keep It

24 Dec

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner.   If you’re like 45% of Americans, you’ll make a New Year’s resolution.   We’ve included some of the most common ones below.  The truth is, according to the Huffington Post, only 8% of the people that make them actually keep them because of a lack of a vision, lack of a game plan, and lack of social support. Fear not!  We want you to succeed so we’re also including some helpful hints and strategies on how to keep New Year’s resolutions. #werenoquitter

Spend More Time With the Family

familyredLet’s face it; life is busy!  With school, sports, music, work, chores, errands, and everything else, our lives can be so hectic!  Quality time with our families isn’t something we always make time for- and that can be a great resolution!  Your kids would love some extra time with mom or dad, or other family member!

Rochester Kids Out & About is a great resource for finding activities for all ages!  They even post a whole lot of free events!  Setting aside even one day a month for some family time, will bring your whole household together!

Or, maybe this is the year you go big!?  Finally plan that epic family vacation you’ve been dreaming of!  Whether it’s a cross country adventure, a camping weekend, or some time at the beach?  Your family will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Have a Healthy New Year

frogsLosing weight is by far the most common New Year’s Resolution, and after the holidays many of us have packed on a few unwanted pounds.  The new year is a great time to drop a pant size & be ready for bathing suit weather come summer!!  Even if you aren’t overweight, getting healthy is a great priority!  Eating well & exercising are great for your overall health!  Your doctor will be proud!

One of the best ways to stick to any resolution, especially getting healthy, is getting accountability!  Find someone who will partner with you; a spouse, family member or friend who can work with you (and celebrate those victories with you!!).  You’ll be less likely to give up when the going gets tough!

There are also some great area gyms that have the equipment & trainers you need to meet your fitness goals; check out these fitness centers in or near Fairport:

PUSH Fitness

Gold’s Gym



Give Back to Your Community

Another popular resolution- that we absolutely love- is finding volunteer opportunities!  And you can find some great organizations right here in Rochester!  Do you have a skill?  Or maybe just a little free time to lend a listening ear?  You’d make a great volunteer!!  There are several great websites that can hook you up with people and organizations in need; we personally love Community Wish Book and Volunteer Match.  This year, give back!

Change your address

Here are 5 great resolutions you should make for 2016 if you are planning on buying a home.  The most important resolution you can make is finding the right agent.  Contact us today, we’d love to help. 

Whatever you resolve to do, we’ll be here to support you.  Have a beautiful New Year’s!