Reduce, Recycle and Renew for a Sustainable Future

16 Oct
Hello Fairport!  It’s the third Saturday of the month!  Time to shed some light on another great business in our area.  Last month, we introduced you to Adapted Recreation Services.  This month we are excited to feature High Acres Landfill and Recycling Center and who, better to tell you about this great company than Nicole Fornof, director of Public Affairs.

WasteManagementLogoHigh Acres Landfill & Recycling Center is a division of Waste Management of New York, LLC. The facility has provided environmentally responsible solid waste management to the region since 1971. High Acres’ modern operation is focused on sustainability through organics recycling, renewable energy production, and wildlife habitat management.

Located on approximately 1,000 acres, the facility offers many amenities including a nonhazardous solid waste landfill permitted at 366 acres, a residential drop off facility for waste and recycling, and 380 acres dedicated to community trails and wildlife habitat protection. The facility is located on the eastern edge of Monroe County in the town of Perinton and crosses over the western border of Wayne County in the town of Macedon. Waste Management is proud to be a partner with both communities.

What makes your business unique?

 We partner with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy.

We have three local university customers who separate and collect organic waste in their dining halls. Waste Management collects this food waste and combines it with leaves that residents put on the curb to be collected by the Town of Perinton and the Village of Fairport. After processing onsite, the result is an incredibly nutrient rich soil amendment. It’s exciting to be able to offer our forward thinking, sustainably minded local customers environmental solutions like composting at High Acres. We even extract value from the waste in the landfill, producing 9.6 megawatts of power or enough energy for 10,000 homes annually from landfill gas.

What is one of your favorite memories as a Fairport business owner?

 We love hosting our annual Open House and the feedback we get from the community. It’s so rewarding to see the look of surprise on someone’s face during a site tour when they learn we fly falcons to help keep seagulls away from the waste or that we construct a liner with 6 feet of material before any waste is placed into the landfill. The waste industry has progressed rapidly in the past 20 years and most people are shocked to learn of the amount of engineering and environmental systems that are necessary to design and operate a modern day landfill. Here is one of our favorite comments from this year’s event “I would recommend the tour to anyone. Now I feel much more educated on what goes into the planning and how well a landfill is organized to protect the surrounding environment.”

What do you love about our community?

We are so fortunate to live in Trail Town USA! Perinton and Fairport are home to miles of trails lovingly maintained by volunteer groups like the Crescent Trail Association. High Acres Nature Area (HANA) has 4 miles of trails open to the public. This year, we worked with Crescent Trail to develop directional trail markers at HANA with QR codes that link to digital trail maps. To experience nature through all seasons is such a gift. We are so proud to be in a community that shares our value of preserving and enriching community open space resources.

And, we are so proud to have such a great company in our community to help us take care of our environment.  If you would like more information, you can call (24 hours a day) 585-223-6132.   From their website: Contact Us | Waste Management

During normal business hours a High Acres representative will be available to answer your questions or comments. After business hours, a company representative will record your contact information and notification, which will be sent in an email immediately to High Acres personnel.  Well done High Acres Landfill and Recycling Center.

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