Adapted Recreation Services in Rochester NY

12 Sep

Hi Fairport!  Last week, we asked if you were ready for some football, this week we hope you're ready to hear about a great organization in our community.  It's the third Saturday in the month which means the spotlight is on the small businesses and organizations that make our town unique.  Today we are excited to share the story of Adapted Recreation Services in Rochester NY.   As founder and director Mike Tuller shares below, it all began in 2009 and it's still growing!


Tell us a little about your organization

We provide fitness, recreation, and social opportunities for people with disabilities. ARS builds and develops programs off the need of the community. We have aquatic programs, power wheelchair soccer, adult social programs, fitness programs, and outdoor recreation programs like canoeing and hiking. I developed ARS in May of 2009 and we have become a not for profit as of Feb 2015. We create programs that help people of all abilities engage within their community. We provide individual and small group programming. We are growing each year and we are always hiring motivated people to help in our various programming.

What makes Adapted Recreation Services Unique?

What makes us unique is that we build our programs around individual needs. We have the freedom to create and build programming at the request of individuals and any need that arises in the community. The connections and resources that we have developed has given us the ability to provide support for families. If we cannot offer the services we can provide other agencies and programs that can.

What is one of your favorite memories as a business owner in Fairport?

When we lost our pool for our adapted aquatics program Marci Callan with FAST (Fairport Area Swim Team) provided us with an opportunity to continue with providing our much need adapted aquatics program. Having that support was and still is an amazing memory.


What do you love about our community?

Places like FAST, Push Fitness, Fairport Chamber of Commerce, and Erie Canal Boat Company are the reasons I love this community. These and other businesses in our community that are willing to help create a community for all to enjoy.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the Fairport community?

This not only a job for us, myself and the people who work for ARS are passionate about providing much needed program within this and other communities. I find that I learn just as much from the amazing people I work with as they do from me.

What else do we love about ARS?  Not only does Michael have the coolest CAPE ever, (check out his website to see what that means) this organization collaborates with other existing programs to provide the best services for all:

"ARS develops opportunities within the community for all to access.  We serve Monroe and surrounding counties collaborating with other not for profits as well as local businesses.  Our goal is to provide services and programs that help support individuals with special needs and their families."  

Collaboration is always the key to building a community, especially a great one like ours. Well done ARS.
ARS and the Cannan Team will help you move in different ways!
 If you'd like more information regarding Adapted Recreation Services, please fee free to contact Michael today.   If you 'd like to live in a great community like Fairport or know someone that does, contact us today!
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