Fairport Music and Food Festival is Back!

21 Aug

Yes, Fairport, it’s almost that time again.  The Fairport Music and Food Festival is coming the last weekend in August:  Friday, the 28th and Saturday the 29th to be exact.  Here’s some great tips on how to make the most of it!


tribeNo one succeeds alone.  Volunteers are always needed to make the festival a success and you get a really cool t-shirt! #tribe


Review the Line Up

lineup2015rvsThere’s over 32 bands that are playing, and the list is growing every day. (Campbell Brothers are a personal favorite!)  Visit the website ahead of time and plan accordingly.  Keep in mind that there is more than one venue.  You won’t be the first that needed to check the maps and figure out what stage your favorite band is playing on.

Come Hungry

It’s not just the music festival, it’s the Music and Food festival.   Over 21 local businesses will be on board selling samples of their signature dishes and beer, and wine gardens will be set up at all three stage areas.  For the record, it is a festival so fried dough can count as lunch or dessert!


Free parking is available as listed on the website:


The festival is awesome, and you won’t be the only one looking for free parking.  Best to grab your friends and come together.  That’s what festivals are all about anyway:  music, food and friends.


When you attend the Fairport Music Festival, you’re making a contribution: not only are you supporting local businesses and the Arts, you’re also supporting the Golisano Children’s Hospital at Strong. Check out the page and see what the donations have accomplished!


Who knows!  You may just fall in love with Fairport and want to move here.  (You wouldn’t be the first!)  Contact us today, we’re ready to rock and roll and find just the right home for you!