5 Great Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl

30 Jan

It’s time to put Deflate-Gate behind us, and move on!  The Super Bowl is tomorrow!  If you are still looking for a few great ways to spend it; you’re covered!  In the meantime, let’s be honest.  There’s so much more to the Super Bowl than just the football game.  If you live in Rochester, NY, here’s some great reasons to watch it!

1.  Thank Pepsi for the Shout Out to Rochester!

Okay, so it’s not a commercial per se, but it’s Rochester, looking good and getting Hyped for Half time.  So we’re not perfect and we have a few opportunities to improve, but for the most part, when it counts, we love where we are!

2.  Hello, Two U of R Grads are Finalists for a Doritos Commercial!

The voting is now closed, but you can see all the finalists here.  Why not watch all the commercials and vote for your favorite!  Personally, we have missed the E-Trade baby!

3.  Katy Perry and the Half Time Show!

Rochester is representing with the grand prize winners from the Hyped at Half Time show. So how cool is it that area fans will be in Phoenix.  Read more about how they pulled it off.  There’s 38 of them that will storm the stage.  We’re hoping they bring back nicer weather.

4.  You Can Celebrate the Big Win for Chicken Wings as You Watch

Yes, it’s true. There was a snack bowl before the Super Bowl and the Wings have it!  The Today Show  included some great recipes to try and also listed the other snack finalists.  The Super Bowl is a great time to taste test.  Not to mention that we reap the benefits of having the chicken wing capitol right down the road.

5. People Watch as You Watch!

Not just the people on the screen but in whatever living room you land.  There’s a pretty good chance, that these two teams aren’t your favorite anyway.  So the good news is, you’re not emotionally invested.  If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan, you’ve been there, you’ve done that. It wasn’t pretty.  So enjoy the accessorizing and find your favorite fan in the crowd. Watch for that Kam Chancellor guy from the Seahawks to jump over special teams. See if the Patriot’s coach smiles.  Find out who becomes way too emotionally invested any way and then offer them a chicken wing to calm them down!

There are so many reasons to celebrate Rochester!  It truly is a great place to live and with so many opportunities available for both buyers and sellers, it’s a great time to make your super move!  We are your biggest fans! Contact us today!  Who are we rooting for in this year’s Super Bowl?  The Eagles! Yes, we know they’re not in it this year but it’s never too soon to start cheering for next year!