Back to School Tips for the Whole Family! Shop! Snack! Organize and More!

28 Aug

Sharpen your pencils.  The big yellow school bus is days away from gathering the young to be educated.   If you’re a little behind in your back to school assignments, fear not, we’ve got you covered.

1.  School Supplies

We shared some great tips in a previous post on where to get the savings, for your supplies, but truth be told, for middle and high school, it’s okay to start the first day with only a few of your supplies.  Sometimes the teacher really isn’t that bent that your binder has to be the full three inches or the exact color.   And, some teachers are so particular, that it’s good to get to school and find out exactly what calculator they are talking about.

2.  Stay Organized

Once you have all those fancy pants supplies, you’ll need to keep them organized.  And it’s not just the supplies, it is the endless supply of papers and forms that will come home and find their way into a clutter vortex never to be seen again.  Backpacks need a place to rest, schedules need to be seen.  What to do?  Pinterest has some awesome ideas!   Be creative and be sure to add a splash of color!


3. Time and Space matter

Here are a few of the Time Management tips for students we found, that would be great for the whole family:

          A. Create good study habits

1. Study at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit.

2. Set aside blocks of study time (about 45 minutes each).

3. Keep your study area just for studying and get rid of distractions.

B.  Make a Plan and Stick to It

1. Schedule your fixed commitments. Block out time for papers, projects, readings, meetings, scheduled exams, holidays, breaks, presentations, etc.

 Allot time for planned recreation, sports, club activities, etc.

Enter important dates for your social and family life.

Leave free time for yourself so you have flexibility.

2.  Make a Weekly Schedule. Once a week block out time on a more detailed level for important commitments and deadlines you need to meet. Schedule meetings with yourself to work on back-burner items.

 3.  Make a Daily To-Do List.   At the end of each day organize and schedule your next day. Include routines, errands, and study time.

Be sure to read the rest of the article from Time Management Made Easy for even more great tips.

4.  Pack a Healthy Lunch and Snacks

Yes, there are some great school lunches and it’s convenient to have an account and add to the balance online but the brown paper bag is not dead, or the Vera Bradley lunch bag for that matter.   We found some cool lunch ideas from Fox News.   Not only will you save money, you’ll make your child’s day by sticking a note inside.

Regardless of what route you take,  healthy after school snacks that are easy to make are a must!  Having a bowl of fruit just doesn’t cut it.  We love the suggestions from IVillage because they offer snacks that kids can make themselves.

5.  Have some family fun!

There’s a harvest of fall fun to be had at some of the local farms.  As schedules change, and it’s back to the daily routine, don’t forget to schedule time to play.   Adults, this means you too! If you are looking for an awesome field trip of your own, there are many adventures in the fall along the Finger Lakes Wine trail and many of the wineries include activities for the kids!

If you need help with your real estate homework, or understanding your finances, please know that we are always here with the numbers you need to know!  Enjoy!