Rochester is Green and You Can Be Too in 10 EASY Steps! Don’t Miss #7

14 Apr

Yeah Rochester! Apparently we are the 4th greenest city in the United States in terms of our sustainability!  Who knew?  Especially since we never see any green!  Well, we did and then it was gone with the wind, literally!  Seriously, in April, there is still talk of a Polar Vortex?

As faithful Rochesterians, we have decided to make our own green.  In fact we have a Project Green that sounds pretty cool:

Over the next 20 years, more than three dozen city blocks will
be converted into a “green infrastructure” of open space that can be used for such purposes as community gardens, urban farms, parks and renewable-energy generating facilities. These green spaces will be connected by a network of pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly “green corridors” that will further enhance Rochester’s exceptional quality of life. Other elements of Project Green include the installation of roof-top gardens, historic preservation, focused investment and strategic development of the city’s downtown and waterways.

Click here, to read the rest of the article and the report.

I have seen some of the bicycle friendly green corridors in Irondequoit as I visited friends and it does have me wondering where my helmet is.  The whole roof top garden thing sounds awesome too, but I accidentally kill plants at the ground level, not sure what adding height would do to me.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, here are some easy steps that all of us can do:

Change a light bulb

Unplug things that Glow

Recycle Your Electronics

Audit Your Energy

Support Local Farmers

Fix the Drip

Let the Grass Grow

Look for the Energy Star Label

Do Full Loads of Laundry

Work the Critters

Not sure how well letting the grass grow will go over with your neighbors, and truth be told, I’m behind on my own laundry, but when it comes to buying food local, we’ve got you covered.  Click here for a great link to Farm Markets near Fairport and stay tuned for some live market posts!

If you want to live in this area, we are happy to help you find the perfect place!