Pot Holes are Popping Up Everywhere!

6 Mar

There was a brief shining moment not too long ago, when the sun came out and you could see the pavement again.  How exciting that Spring really will come!  (We haven’t missed one yet!)  But lo and behold, not only did we see the road, we saw the potholes, a sign of bumps to come.


What is a pothole anyway and what causes them? Wikipedia to the rescue:

pothole is a type of failure in an asphalt pavement, caused by the presence of water in the underlying soil structure and the presence of traffic passing over the affected area. Introduction of water to the underlying soil structure first weakens the supporting soil.

They’re popping up everywhere and causing damage to vehicles, specifically to rims and tires.  How to avoid them?   Allstate gives these tips in their latest blog: 

  • Leave plenty of room in front of your vehicle so you can avoid potholes without getting into an accident.
  • If you can’t avoid a pothole, slow down before you hit it. But don’t brake directly over a pothole, which can actually cause more damage.
  • When driving over the pothole, hold the steering wheel firmly to avoid losing control.
  • Use caution when driving over a puddle of water because it might be a particularly deep pothole in hiding.

If we’re going to win the battle of the potholes, we’ll have to ban together!   Seriously, Monroe County has a form that you can fill out to report potholes and they’re trying to do their best to prioritize which pose the greatest risk.   The Department of Transportation for New York State has aolso set up a hotline: 1-800-Pot Hole.


If you’ve seen a pot hole in Fairport, please report it!  On the road to Spring, (Turn Your Clocks Ahead this Sunday) we all need to drive carefully!

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