Mustard’s Retreat

24 Jan

Live in Fairport NY is pleased to share it’s first guest post!  Written by Rochester native, William Thomas.  Bill is a musician & writer, currently working on a new book for elementary readers!  Visit his website at:

Mustard’s Retreat is the folk-singing duo of Michael Hough and David Tamulevich. They’ve been performing together for forty years, and this weekend they’re bringing their spirited singing and playing back to Rochester. The concert, sponsored by the Golden Link Folk Singing Society, will take place

Saturday, January 25, 7:30 pm,
at the Rochester Christian Reformed Church,
2750 Atlantic Avenue [just 5 miles north in Penfield]
Tickets are $18
($15 for Golden Link members; $10 for students; free for children 12 and under)
Michael and David draw from a large repertoire, ranging from “classics” of the ‘60s folk music revival, to contemporary songs and stories, children’s music, and compositions of their own. David’s song, Simple Faith, has been recorded by multiple artists.

Ours is a simple faith
Life is short embrace
Heaven is in this place
Every day

Their fine singing and tight harmonies are enhanced by accompaniment on instruments including guitar, bass, dulcimer, mandolin, harmonica, and penny whistle.

The enthusiasm, good humor, and musicianship of Mustard’s Retreat guarantee a great concert, one where the audience will not just sit and listen, – they’ll actively participate. Canadian singer/songwriter Garnet Rogers said, “The thing that always impresses me is the incredible openness they have with the audience. They stand up there and just radiate friendliness; the audience is included in the whole process, encouraged to sing along and talk back.” Veteran folk singer Tom Paxton agrees. He said, “They are so warm and friendly and giving on stage, completely in touch with their audience.”

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